My name is Karlen Aladzjan, also known as Karlencho. I was born in Czech Republic in 1994 shortly after my parents emigrated from Armenia

Photo from the Czech Poker Festival Pardubice 2013 which was my first major tournament series.

I’ve got introduced to poker by my uncle in 2009 and I’ve immediately fell in love with the game. I’ve slowly transitioned from traditional video games to online poker and I’ve decided to pursue a career as a professional poker player in 2013

 I’ve started producing content on social medias by launching a YouTube channel and an Instagram page in 2016 and I’ve started streaming on Twitch in 2017

 My first streaming project was called the “$10 TO $1000 CHALLENGE: SAVAGE EDITION”.

The goal of this challenge was to turn a starting bankroll of $10 to $1000 playing online poker and document the whole process on my social medias.

 The challenge was regulated by strict rules (No Cash Games, No Satellites, No Spin&Go’s, etc.) which made the whole process more difficult (That’s why the “SAVAGE EDITION”)

The challenge started in April, 2017 and I was able to get my bankroll up from the initial $10 to $952 in only 5 months! At this point, I decided to challenge a long time cash game professional, member of Pokerstars Team Pro and fellow streamer Felix “Xflixx” Schneiders to a $60 Heads-Up match and try to finish the challenge this way! 

Unfortunately, Xflixx won the Heads-Up match which started the process of the most brutal downswing I’ve ever experienced. My bankroll started dropping and I’ve decided to cancel the challenge in October 2018.

Even though I didn’t finish the challenge, it was still foundational for me as a Twitch streamer and as a content creator. I became an official Twitch Partner and my other social medias grew rapidly thanks to the content I was putting out during this challenge

I’ve founded Karlencho Productions in 2019.

 The goal of this company is to provide value to other poker players/streamers. 

We produce videos, make graphic designs, create tutorials, share different marketing strategies and trade knowledge on how to build your personal brand!