''Karlencho is the man! All things Twitch related, he gets it done, at the highest quality! Whether it's graphics, tech support, setup, training or video editing. Karlencho is reliable and has assisted with countless projects surrounding GGPoker and it's GGTeam. I would highly recommend him if you want to take your product to the next level!''
James Bridgeman
Public Relations & Sponsorship Manager at GGPoker


GGPoker‘s rise to a #1 Online Poker site in the world has been nothing but spectacular! I was privileged enough to be able to contribute to their enormous growth, first as a sponsored streamer and now as a content creator also.

''Working with Karlencho has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure. I find him to be talented, hard working, punctual, trustworthy and quick whilst working.''
Charlie ''Epiphany77'' Carrel
2019 Triton Poker Super High Roller Series London Champion


Charlie was one of the first customers to use our ”Stream Setting” service. We have set up his streaming software and completely remade the design of his stream.

''Karlencho came highly recommended. I thought, cool he is somebody I can hire, come in, do the job what we need and thank you very much. It became apparent quickly that he was somebody we really wanted to spend time with and he became part of the GOAT family. Since working with him, I've agreed to do my first ever public strategy collab with him, he has the energy and personality that you want to work with him, not him for you. He has previously worked mostly in poker, gaming and the online space, but he showed his adaptability by understanding the concept of a YouTube soccer team. So if you like his style, but think he might "just be a poker guy" don't think twice, he will understand your product completely!''
Patrick ''Pads1161'' Leonard
WCOOP Champion, Partypoker Sponsored Pro,
Owner of Newcatle Independent FC


Working with Patrick and the whole of Newcastle Independent FC was an absolute pleasure! We had to step out of our comfort zone, learn new skills, study and understand a new market and build from the ground up. Luckily, the passion and the drive of the whole team made it very easy for all of us to tackle this new challenge!


''Karlencho is the man when it comes to graphic design. Everything on my stream feels slick and professional. Could not recommend working with him more.''
Kevin Martin
Twitch Streamer, BBCCAN 5 Winner


Kevin is one of the pioneers of poker on Twitch. It was a great honor when he asked us to design a new layout for his stream.

''Karlencho is a genius when it comes to creativity and a hustler when it comes to work ethic. Those values are what make him and his team the most excellent pick you can make to produce your content!''
Felix ''xflixx'' Schneiders
Twitch Streamer, Pokerstars Team Pro


Felix inspired me to start streaming poker. I’ve always liked his personality and the way he thinks about content distribution.

So when we’ve launched Karlencho Productions, the collaboration with him was simply inevitable!

I went from watching his content, to producing his content!

''Karlencho is a beast! He can help with all things you think you need help with plus all the things you didn't even realise you need help with! He is super professional and the quality of his work is next level. Couldn't be happier with working with him!''
Richard ''Ginge'' Sheils
Twitch Streamer, High Stakes Cash Games Pro


Richard is a profound high stakes cash games professional who decided to build his personal brand online. With his hard work and a little help from our ”Content Management Plan’, he amassed over 2000 followers on Instagram, 5000 followers on Twitch and 9000 subscribers on Youtube, in just 5 months!

''I love the videos Karlencho produces for me, but even better is the professional way he handles everything for my YouTube channel!''
Michiel ''Easterdamnz'' van Elsacker
Twitch Streamer, GGPoker Sponsored Pro


We launched Michiel’s YouTube channel in December 2019. His channel surpassed 1000 subscribers and his videos gathered more than 100,000 views within the first 2 weeks of the launch!

"I initially worked with Karlencho to do some hand history reviews for my YouTube channel. A few years later, when I was looking for someone to edit my videos and produce clips for my social media channels, I knew he was the man for the job. Not only that, he levelled up his own skills and learnt audio editing so that he could edit, mix and master my podcast too! He over-delivers regularly and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a superb and efficient video and audio editing service."
Gareth James
& SCOOP Champion


From the strategy videos and poker tips on YouTube & Instagram, to the legendary ”Poker On The Mind Podcast”!

Working with Gareth and MTTPOKERSCHOOL.COM is an absolute pleasure!